Our Story


KEAN Founded

KEAN was formed by alumni of Earthrights School Burma (Now, Earthrights School Myanmar) from Kayah state to work for human rights and environmental issues.

January 1st 2012

Awareness raising on 2012 Land Laws

KEAN begins awareness raising activities at the community level to share key sections and information about the 2012 Myanmar Land Laws and their impact at the community level.

March 13th 2013

Data collection on earthrights begins

KEAN began collecting information on land use and mining at the community level.

January 17th 2014

World Environment Day Campaign

KEAN organised a campaign event to celebrate World Environment Day in Demoso, Kayah State for local communities.

June 5th 2015

KEAN’s First Report Launched

KEAN publishes and holds report launches in Loikaw and Yangon for our first report: Our Customary Land Use Management Systems.

October 1st 2016

Human Rights Day Campaign Event

KEAN organised an event to recognise and celebrate Human Rights Day in Kayah (Karenni) State together with other local community members and civil society organisations.

December 10th 2016

Earthrights Forum

KEAN held the earthrights forum in Demawso Township. This event brought together community members, civil society organisations, political parties and a member of state parliament to discuss earthrights issues at the local level.

June 5th 2017