What inspires us?

Our core beliefs
KEAN staff are motivated by the following core beliefs: human rights, social justice, life with dignity and environmental justice. These core beliefs have led KEAN to define target areas as well as vision and mission statements to guide our work.


Our Target Areas

  • Protecting community land rights
  • Protecting community mining rights
  • Supporting community natural resource management and rights
  • Preventing negative impacts of mega-development projects


Our Vision

Communities in Kayah state enjoy human rights, social justice and live with dignity in harmonized communities.


Our Mission

KEAN is a nonprofit organization working on human rights and environmental rights issues in Kayah state for communities to enjoy their human rights, achieve social justice and sustainable environments. To achieve this, KEAN empowers local communities to defend their rights, conduct documentation and fact finding on earth rights abuses and advocates for improving communities’ access to their rights through collaboration with local communities.